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Houser - The Fixed Fee Online Real Estate Agent

No Commission. Fixed Fee. Online Property Tools to sell your home.

24/7 Access

Don’t stress about getting updates on your property listing. You have 24/7 access to update details, view statistics and manage viewings, offers, messages and more.

Photos, Floorplan & For Sale Sign

When you sign up to Houser, you will receive professional photography, a floorplan and a 1200×800 photo sign board to sell your home. If you want a little bit more, just ask.

Booking Management System

As the homeowner, you will manage the viewings of prospective buyers. This means you have complete control of the inspection requests. You can view the buyers vetted information and more.

Offer System

Houser has created an effective non-binding offer system. We see this as a first step in understanding if a prospective buyer is interested. The can make an offer through our platform. It can be accepted, declined or make a counter-offer. Houser will then follow up all offers personally for you.

Houser Real Estate Platform

Houser Dashboard

What’s in your dashboard?

Once you have signed up to Houser, you will have access to your own personal dashboard. The portal will allow you to:

  • Add & Edit a New Property for Listing
  • Manage inspection requests from potential buyers
  • Ask potential buyers any questions through the messaging system
  • Receive, Accept, Decline or Counter-Offer non-binding offers internally
  • Receive instant feedback from potential buyers on their visit
  • Complete your ID (*coming soon*)
  • View & Accept contracts by e-Signature

We will continually develop and streamline our processes to make it easier and better for you!


Average Auckland & Queenstown Price

The average house prices have skyrocketed in the last few years.  We’ve seen an average 12-month change from 13% to 22% across New Zealand. Imagine how much of this will be paid to an agent..


Commission Example

If we look at the higher end of the market, for example the average Auckland City property is $1,180,245. If use a hypothetical commission of 2%, you would then be paying $23604.9, and potentially marketing costs as well.

OR if you look at the average price in Franklin, $621,098, the commission you would be paying is around  $12421.96!

NOTE: The average house prices have been obtained from QV House Price Index sources in December 2016. The average commission of 2% is an example and may not represent the exact commission percentage charged by an agent. These are examples only.


Booking Management System

Housers booking management system was created to enable homeowners to receive direct booking requests online, than by phone. As the homeowner, you will manage your own viewings and have complete access to accept and decline requests.

Feedback System for Housers

Online Feedback System

We aim to provide you with some type of feedback nearly instantly once a potential buyer has submitted it to us. We ask the potential buyer a range of questions that help you understand how serious they are, what they are looking for and if you need to answer any more questions for them. Houser will then following up individually with every buyer for additional feedback.

Vetting of Buyers

Houser will ask every potential buyer, when they register, a set of questions to help vet and understand them. These questions will then be shared instantly with you when a booking or offer is received.

Online Agreements & ID

Coming soon!!  We have partnered with a leading online secure ID and authentication platform. Homeowners and potential buyers will verify their ID all online in the near future.

QV, Title Search & More

Every vendor will receive a appraisals report, title search and comparable. properties. We also offer additional inspection reports, meth inspections and other media services for you.

How selling your home should be

We don’t lock you into a sole agency agreement. We will aim to go above and beyond your expectations at every step of the way. Try us and see how we go!