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Unsure about a few things? Here are some FAQs

To help explain how Houser operates, below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Click on the question to read more about it, if we don’t have your question then reach out to us by email, chat or phone.

How can you be one of the cheapest agents and still provide nearly the same services?

We love this question! Houser was created with the vision and product model that focuses on providing the most competitive fixed fee agency in the industry. To do this, we reached out with special partners Nationwide to to ensure we can deliver the complete marketing package at the best price. Houser doesn’t pay commission to salespeople, rent office space throughout the country, and uses technology to automate to save time and money. This is allowing us to focus on whats important, you!

You don't pay commission so why would you care if we sell or not?

Houser’s business is based on it’s reputation and value of going above and beyond in changing the way homeowners sell and buyers buy. The foundation of our business is based on caring that you sell your home, and we see this as part of our values, mission and fundamentals in being successful.

Do you show people around my home or do I?

This is where Houser is a little bit different. With the emergence of the online estate agent industry, we want to empower the homeowner to conduct their own inspections. You have access to your own calendar that will allow you to accept, decline and message prospective buyers. This gives you control, understanding who’s coming to see your home, and when it’s best for you.

How long will it take from signing up to having my home on the market?

We aim to have your home listed and marketed across all the property portals within a few days of the photos being received back. Once you have reviewed and confirmed you’re happy with the listing, click publish and it will be out there within 24 hours!

Do I speak to a real person for support?

You sure do! We are here to support you by phone, chat and email from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm Sat-Sun.

Do you support for sales negotiations?

Our experienced salesperson team will be here to support you. On top of our offer management system (non-binding), we will also follow up with all buyers to help with negotiations.

What are your hidden fees and am I locked in and stuck with Houser?

Hidden fees! Zilch! $0!.. None! The package you choose is all you pay, other than any extras you might want (drones, virtual tours, etc).

Can I market my home with other agents?

You sure can. We obviously never want to let you down and believe we can support you the whole way. However, if you want to market with a local agent, you are free to do it.

Can I use my own photos, floorplans and description?

If you send us your photos and floorplans and they meet our quality requirements , you sure can!  We want you to write your description, but are also here to help you.

What happens when someone makes an offer on my home?

Once an offer has been made, the Houser team will contact the buyer to discuss and negotiate the best price. When you agree on the offer, and it becomes conditional. We will send the relevant agreements and memorandums to all parties involved.